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Cybersec Solutions is your one stop solution for cyber security. Let us help you build your defences against cyber attacks.

About Us

Cybersec Solutions: Cyber Security Experts

We can help you to defend your business against cyber crime. Choose from our efficient and reliable range of services to get the level of cyber security that’s right for your business.

The rise in cyber attacks has become an increasing problem for businesses who’ve been caught vulnerable by these criminals. Make sure you’re not the next in line for attack.

Cyber Crime Report

There were some disturbing results in the UK Government’s 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey. The cyber crime report revealed that 61% of large firms had detected a cyber security breach or attack in the previous year.

Here at Cybersec it’s our mission to make sure your business doesn’t become one of those staggering cyber crime statistics by offering you cyber essentials to optimise your IT protection

Types Of Cyber Crime

There are many examples of cyber crime that can affect your business if you don’t  protect your assets with the security you need. This can range from very common and popular simple cyber crimes like identity fraud, to large scale hacking that can destroy the reputation and infrastructure of your business by hacking customer and financial data.

The harsh reality of the devastating effect that these cyber attacks could have on your business and your customers can be catastrophic.

Because there’s a very small risk of cyber criminals being caught, any business that does not protect their vulnerabilities will be at huge risk of becoming a victim. It can be impossible for police to pursue these criminals beyond national boundaries, so your protection and prevention should be a top priority, no matter what the size of your business is.

Many business owners dismiss their vulnerability to cyber attacks, but cyber criminals have proven time and time again that they do not discriminate – they attack businesses of ALL sizes.

Smaller businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber crime because they tend not to have access to skilled security resources to help them defend, prevent and protect themselves.

The Federation of Small Businesses has long identified that cyber security has become a really big issue for SMEs.

At Cybersec we help you to make it more difficult for these criminals to take advantage of your business.

The Cyber Essentials scheme and the IASME governance standard can lift your business above the fray and show your suppliers and customers that you take cyber security seriously. Having a crystal clear understanding of what’s needed to achieve optimum protection against cyber criminals is essential for your business. Cybersec can help you achieve this.

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