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Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a robust, yet easy-to-use, converged networking and network security platform which connects your users, wherever they are located, to their business resources. It doesn’t matter where the resources are located on-prem, or in the cloud. The solution is a cloud-native service which includes advanced capabilities such as Zero Trust remote access, Internet access control, malware protection and firewall as a service. Perimeter 81 enables your business to build a secure corporate network, without hardware and within minutes. The entire service is managed from a “single pane of glass console” and is backed by an award-winning global support team that has you covered 24/7. 

Encrypted, secure data transmission

The service uses a combination of technologies to encrypt and secure data transmissions and provide secure access to your network. This includes creating a virtual ‘tunnel’ between the user’s device and your company’s network. It uses advanced encryption algorithms to protect data in transit, and authentication protocols to make sure that only authorised users can access the network. 

Network segmentation

Network segmentation allows administrators to segment the network into different security zones and apply different security policies to each zone. This is useful if your  company needs to comply with regulatory requirements or have sensitive data that needs to be protected. 

Software-defined perimeter (SDP) solution

Perimeter 81 software-defined perimeter (SDP) solution provides a zero-trust network security framework to protect internal resources and applications. This protects your company’s internal networks and applications by creating a secure perimeter around your company’s network and only allowing authorised users and devices to access it. 

Visibility and control of network activity

Perimeter 81 supports adaptive least-privilege access policies based on device, identity role, and location. Devices can be security posture checked. Users can be granted access to the selected corporate resources they need to perform their role. This solution gives you visibility into network activity and the ability to implement a full range of scalable network security features. The combination of this reduced attack surface and cloud-friendly approach increases your security and significantly reduces your IT overheads. 

Third party compatibility

The service is supported by easy-to-use apps for most major Operating Systems. Single Sign-On is supported for various third-party identity providers such as Azure AD, Google Cloud Services, Okta and more to provide a seamless experience.