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Incident Detection

Security Incident and Event Management

Intuitive interface, robust detections and actionable automation allow your teams to work smarter and faster.

Rapid 7

Insight IDR (Incident Detection)

Detect faster, respond smarter, secure everywhere.

Rapid7’s next-gen Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) delivers highly efficient, accelerated detection and response. Its intuitive interface, robust detections and actionable automation allow your teams to work smarter and faster.                  

Manage your security challenges.

This scalable and low maintenance solution allows your security to grow as threats evolve. Your team can respond to threats accurately and quickly. 

InsightIDR unifies and transforms security data, ties together disparate data, detect threats early in the attack chain, and gives your security team high context, actionable insights and automation. 

Streamline your security.

With leading next-gen SIEM at the core, big data is collected without big work. You can achieve complete coverage with a native endpoint agent, network sensors, collectors, and APIs. Lightweight software-based collection technologies will correlate, attribute, and enrich diverse datasets into a single, harmonious picture. Its fast flexible log search allows analysts to visualize and process complex data. Data is retained for 13 months, and reporting is easy, with pre-built dashboards and intuitive, custom report builders.

Detect threats early.

Unique intelligence plus expert vetting allows early threat detection. InsightIDR has a robust library of high-fidelity detections spanning attacker and user behaviour-based detections.

The embedded, curated threat intelligence allows you to get high-signal, low-noise from intelligence across Rapid7’s open-source community research projects, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and service engagements, and external threat intelligence powered by Rapid7’s Threat Command.

Respond to threats rapidly.

Your analysts can respond faster and more confidently with playbooks and automation. 

InsightIDR eliminates distractions and context switching, and drives fast, automated responses to stop attackers early. The attribution engine tracks users and assets as they move around the network, auto enriching every log line. Your team will see a single investigation timeline for each alert, streamlining workflow. Each alert comes with recommended actions from a global MDR Security Operation Centre and Rapid7 Velociraptor’s digital forensics and incident response playbooks.


These can be integrated into Rapid7’s Threat Complete.